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5th-Apr-2020 02:32 am - Get e-mails from us!
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4th-Apr-2020 01:44 am - Accounts
sophisticated-u, fashion files, clothes

Every batch will alternate between Nee & Ling.

Take note of the account numbers to use for different batch.

It will be clearly stated in the order invoice we send to you! =)

Nee:   DBS Savings Plus 245-96547-8 & OCBC Savings Account 537-5-027728

Ling:   DBS Savings Plus 033-4-068265  & UOB Current Account 360-301-427-6 


9th-Aug-2008 07:11 pm - National Day's Special
sophisticated-u, fashion files, clothes
Fashion Jumble for everyone!

Catch a piece today! Limited pieces available.

13th-May-2008 09:17 pm - Splash Into Summer A
sophisticated-u, fashion files, clothes

Transit from Spring to Summer in style!


13th-Apr-2008 11:23 pm - Pre-Launch
sophisticated-u, fashion files, clothes

*Preview of our first fashion file!*
Sweet, happy & pretty clothes for spring...

Watch out for it!

*The outset of Sophisticated-U offers you a chance to be our exclusive "PERKSforU" members programme!*

Only for the first 10 buyers of our very first collection.

Free postage & free membership


The PERKSforU programme brings you interesting bonuses!

-free postage offers, free gifts, free preview of our sales section & many more mysteries to be unveiled as we go along!-


We’ll be here soon to rock your shopping realm!

13th-Apr-2008 05:31 pm - *TERMS & CONDITIONS*
sophisticated-u, fashion files, clothes

What you are agreeing to by purchasing from us?

1)      All items are brand new & in perfect condition. We will double check before mailing it out.

2)      We will not be held responsible for any lost in the mailing process but on our part we will ensure that items are wrapped properly and a return address will be included. Opt for registered mail!

3)      All sales are final, no backing out. Those who back out after confirming will be blacklisted in our Book of Shame.

13th-Apr-2008 05:17 pm - *Ordering & Shipping Manual*
sophisticated-u, fashion files, clothes
Want to find out how to place orders and the shipping cost information?

13th-Apr-2004 04:49 pm - *ABOUT US*
sophisticated-u, fashion files, clothes

We are so bored with seeing the same dresses on the streets.

We want to exude the confidence in the people.

We want it to be mysterious, yet attractive enough to draw attention.

We yearn for casualness, with the touch of elegance.

We crave to be different, we crave for uniqueness.


4 brains, 4 very different personalities to understand the varied customers, 4 different styles, 4 diverse tastes.


That's us in Sophisticated-U.

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